Sunday, December 13, 2009

Before / After / and In Between

There is something different between the first picture and the second one,and the explanation is in the third one ! Pics I took in May,07 in my shed.
I am trying to learn how to work with the new set-up that someone (my stinker son) installed on my computer. I have vista on my system now,and I have apparently lost a lot of things in change. My mind seeming to be one of them!
Well I will try to learn to work with what I have,but this old dog-new trick stuff is a real pain in the rear. Good to feel up to working at it anyway!
Peace be with you all,
Carl Sr.

Friday, March 27, 2009

A celebration after a week long hospital stay

YouTube - Dancing? or something close to it!

SEE ABOVE, please click on the YouTube link to see me and the Mrs. ,Dancing?or something close to it.
I wasn't able to get my video to load here.
So I did the next best thing and put the link to my You-Tube video on Mysight.
The vid is jerky and inconsitent,but you will get the general idea!
I was sick with the effects of salmonella for about three weeks total.
I lost about twenty pounds from my 150# self.
But,thanks to some fine friends and neighbors I have gained all of that back now.
May God bless you all with good things,

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Tired old shed,with bamboo

Remember-if you care to see more detail just click on the pic. A view from the east side(back)of my tired old shed.Complete with 'sentry!' From west north-west.All my junk included.
My favorite view and the one most neighbors and passers by see.This is taken from the south side and you can see how my bamboo keeps things pretty private out there for me!