Thursday, March 13, 2008

My Chickens Past

The first shot is downstairs,looking out the back window of my 'study'.

(re:study-It was supposed to be my room for privacy,peace,and contemplation.As usual God had a better plan than me!My study is often filled with people that love me.And they talk and talk,change my channel,take over my computer,grandson fusses if he is not being fed,grand-daughter scatters toys and spills drinks,etc.etc. Then when they leave me to my quiet and lonely study,I am sad and I miss all the commotion!)

Oh yes,the chickens.You can just make them out sitting on the rail I made around my little garden.And in the second shot they are pecking around between my home and my shed....My poor,tired,old shed.A whole 'nother story there....... I had been wanting chickens for ten or fifteen years.My wife,Wanda,wasn't at all thrilled at the prospect.But when five fairly small chickens flew into my yard from out of the woods,Wanda said "Carl I think God sent those chickens to you." Five fine roosters they turned out to be,and since I fed them they stayed with me for about two years.I really enjoyed feeding them,talking to them,and just watching them carry on like roosters will.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Grandpa Sunday and his pet rooster

My grandpa "Shorty"Sunday.What a man,hunting,trapping,fishing,farming,and more!Wish I could have been old enough to learn more from him.But what I did learn has inspired me since I was a little boy.And inspired me to embrace the kind of wisdom that can be found in such folks...Hey I just noticed his scuppernong arbor in the background.That was such an earthy,shady,and almost magical place to play.