Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Grandpa Sunday and his pet rooster

My grandpa "Shorty"Sunday.What a man,hunting,trapping,fishing,farming,and more!Wish I could have been old enough to learn more from him.But what I did learn has inspired me since I was a little boy.And inspired me to embrace the kind of wisdom that can be found in such folks...Hey I just noticed his scuppernong arbor in the background.That was such an earthy,shady,and almost magical place to play.


Anonymous said...

Pet chickens and ducks and rabbits were common in my time to as were pet sheep and pigs and calves. The problem was that there came a time when the lamb, calf, pig (even the runts) went to market and that was hard to accept. Grape arbors were neat but we always had the wrong kind of grapes. We always had those funky concord grapes that tasted really strong of whatever is in grape jelly.

And the other part was that most grape arbors were built beside the privy or next to it and the roots got all of their nourishment from the toilet pit as they were just bare holes dug in the ground. So those grapes while delicious and people stole them from your vine at nice, to make grape jelly, when I grew up and realized why the thing was making such big grapes, I lost interest in eating grapes unless they were boiled in the jelly making process.

I actually came here to thank you for your visit. I appreciate that. Then I looked at the grandpa picture with his pet hen and remembered all this other stuff.


Anonymous said...

Yes, that's right. Sear and Roebuck catalog. In my early days the catalogs were all printed in duo-tone color or brown and white. And then they stuck in some "slick" pages which had to be torn out of the catalog and wadded up several times to make them soft enough to use for toilet paper. The duo tone pages were fine as they were.

We also used newspapers if we could get any as we didn't subscribe to papers. So toilet paper was something we often found in a neighbor's toilet and marveled at.

There was also a bad of lime in our toilet and an old coffee can in the corner to use to dump some lime on the pile and that cut down on odor and other things including big maggots.

Gosh, I wonder if young people know how nice they have it to use indoor plumbing.

ruth said...

I love this photo, Carl. And I liked reading Abe's comments too.

Don has been telling me, from all his research (googling chicks on the Internet), that chickens make great pets and can be very cuddly if trained. How funny! He's determined to make ours friendly this year. I know you're keeping track on his blog, so you'll be among the first to know.

lorraine said...

It's nice to remember our grandparents and even nicer to have photographs of them. Love the stories of your family and oldmanlincoln's stories too. Is your family any relation to the famous preacher, Billy Sunday?