Thursday, March 5, 2009

Tired old shed,with bamboo

Remember-if you care to see more detail just click on the pic. A view from the east side(back)of my tired old shed.Complete with 'sentry!' From west north-west.All my junk included.
My favorite view and the one most neighbors and passers by see.This is taken from the south side and you can see how my bamboo keeps things pretty private out there for me!


Beth65 said...

Interesting all round, pictures and stories, glad as always to find your blog, love you much, Mama.

Don said...

I love your bamboo! Yours is growing so thick and strong. I have several clumps of it growing around here, but I'm afraid I don't water it enough.

Hey! Is that a familiar horsehoe above your door? It looks cozy and private back there.

Merle said...

Dear Carl ~~ I am so sorry to hear that you were in hospital and hope you are back at home. Also sorry your auto accident left you with
severe pain. I have constant pain from a fall that shattered a vertabra
in my spine. Didn't need the accident
Anyway, I am feeling much better today and will get back to blogging
again, tomorrow. Take great care my
friend.I hope you are better.
Regards, Merle.

Beth Niquette said...
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Beth Niquette said...

Yes, I see the sentry! He has a noble face, to be sure. I wish he were in my yard!