Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cold night,hot stove

Well these pictures sure aren't in the right order!but,the reason my oak fire in the shed stove is rare,is because I can't bring myself to burn some of that beautiful firewood! I have turned some of it into treasures for me. That little wire Jet with Ed in front is for one of my dead buddies,Ed Jet!One of my dearest friends ever!
A cold night in the 'shed'. We sauteed some small scallops over coals.With garlic,lemon,and butter,of course.

We had a "rare" oakwood fire,in my stove made from an old water heater.

That old G.I. tool box,(left) is from my Daddy's days in the Army Air Corps.

My neighbor Tom,took this photo with his phone,I think. It was so cold that night,must have been in the 30's.


Beth65 said...

So enjoyed the pictures, loved seeing your "fire in the water heater", Einstein! Happy Thanksgiving to All!

don said...

An interesting series. Looks cozy and a good way to stay warm in these declining temperatures.

Merle said...

Hi Carl ~~ Nice fire to keep warm by, but a shame to burn good timber.
Thank you for your comments, glad you enjoyed the story, sad but with a happy ending. "Be strong honey" was a surprise. Take care, Very best wishes, Cheers, Merle.

Ruth said...

The Ed Jet is so great! What a treasure to remember a lost friend by.

That fire in there must give you some fond times with friends and family, and by yourself too. You're worth burning good firewood! But I know what you mean.

Don said...

Sometimes a good fire is worth the wood you burn. We had a big maple knocked down by wind and it makes really nice and toasty fires. The smoke smells like a good pipe "baccy"

Pass the scallops please!

Merle said...

Hi again Carl ~~ Thank you for your comments. I am very pleased with the gazebo and the garden setting. It is very comfortable. Most fences are that size, the back fence and side fences. You shouldn't have trouble getting out of chairs yet? Take care, Have a great week. Regards, Merle.