Thursday, January 29, 2009

A short trip out to the island

Something almost rare for me,a drive over to the island. It only takes three to six minutes to get there from my home,but I seldom cross the bridge.
This day,I was on a mission to collect a few sea-shells for a class of Michigan third grade students.I had a fine time crawling around in the sand,looking for little treasures.
I also had the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of my surroundings.EVERY time I go out there,I wonder why I don't go more often.
I hope the students get even a tiny taste of the way it makes me feel to be on the island. Some evidence of the awesome power of nature.
Broken bridges,like hearts,can eventually be mended.
A snapshot of puppy love.
When your world is very small.
There is no hunger,
no war,
no politics.
Only each other.

Sometimes it can be so tough to remember when life was so simple.
But it is still easy for me to see the beauty and miracles that surround me daily.


Beth65 said...

Great pictures and stories all, your point of view is heart-warming, I needed that. my medeciine reduces my everything but guess it is necessary for the time being, don't know if I can stick with it. Love you much, mama xo xo xo

Ruth said...

I love this post, Carl. Do I happen to know a teacher of those 3rd graders? Does he know about this??

It's great to see you driving your vehicle. And wow, that last shot, the waves are so clear and vivid in the sun.

Thanks for the warmth here.

Don said...

What a cool post, and a cool guy!

I may just pull this post up on the smartboard and let my students see the sights and see the man who was thinking about them. I'm sure they will enjoy both the shells and the blog.

Thanks a million,(or thanks a twenty-six, the number of students in my class, but that doesn't sound quite the same).

Merle said...

Dear Carl ~~ Nice post and well done enjoying your trip to gather shells for the students. Nice photos too.
Thanks for your visit and comments.
My son, John surprised me at lunch-time by ringing to say he was
homeso that was great. We have another hot week ahead of us so it
is very draining. No energy left and just manage to do the necessary and no more. I am glad you are comfortably warm in Florida. Take care, Regards, Merle.

Merle said...

Hi again Carl ~ ~ Thank you so much for your comments and prayers for rain to extinguish these fires. Glad you enjoyed the "Old is When" Too true to be funny. Take care, my friend, Regards, Merle.

Lorraine said...

Love the shot of the bridge. Did you see Brian's (Panhandlin') long exposure shot of this bridge at night?