Monday, August 27, 2007

Fresh Pompano

My buddy Ricky,cooking up some fresh caught Gulf Pompano.
In my little stream,my turtle buddies didn't finish all five of their carcasses.This tail was left-over. The crawdads and mosquito fish appreciate every little scrap .


Anonymous said...

Interesting, love to see nature, little minnows or whatever, long time no see. Mama

JoAnn-NL Dutch-English :) said...

Hi Carl,
Nice to read about your buddy....also to see the photo's,

Thank you so much for your (always) great comments. (about: red haired cow)
Im sure YOU are a good hearted person. Here in Holland they say:

"you have your heart on the right side"

Have a good day-week,

:) JoAnn

ruth said...

Whoa, look at that tail! What a good chance to photograph that. I sort of wanted to take a picture of what's left of a wild turkey out back, lots of feathers and bloody bones, but I decided against it. I think a coyote got him.

Nice to see your buddy cooking too. I can almost smell it! Yum (although I'm not familiar with that fish - is it fish?).