Tuesday, August 28, 2007

my fox-grapes

These grapes are mostly ripe,and the critters are having a delicious feast!
I could make wine again with these,but I feel like they are really for all my animal friends.The other night I talked to an opossum for about twenty minutes,as he ate the grapes.It reminded me of when my Grandfather was cleaning a wild duck for dinner.He sang to me,"opossum up a 'simmon'(persimmon)tree,racoon on the ground,racoon said you son-of-a-gun,you shake some simmons down!"
From "Bile them cabbage down",an old folk song.


Anonymous said...

I like your language. I also like the quote. And possum is a good meal if there is nothing better or handy. My mom and I ate one or two and groundhog. I was young and don't know much about the taste now but she fried everything is grease and whatever it was came out with a thick brown crust on it that was almost worth dying for.

I am almost the same way about the things here. I gave up on cherries a long time ago and now the tree has been dying for about 5 years. And my one apple tree has one apple on it that I saved by tieing a piece of pany hose on or over it. That way the squirrels won't touch it. I want to taste just one.

Thanks for the vists to my blog and for the generous comments there.

Lavenderlady said...

Are these wild grapes. they look pretty yummy.

Anonymous said...

Love the picture of your grapes, the scuppernongs on my fence are now gone, still have a few in the fridge, so Daddy sang Bile them cabbage down and you still remember it. I haven't thought of that old fiddle dancing song in so long. Enjoyed Lincolns trip down memory lane as well on his comments. Looking forward to your next post. Always, Mama.

marci said...

This grape photo is vey good! I really like the variation of colors from yellow to deep purple. great job!

don said...

Fine looking grapes. I like feeding the wildlife. I throw nuts out for the squirrels and the crows come and help themselves. It's interesting to see them try to get two peanuts in their beak before flying away to eat them somewhere else.

ruth said...

I'm trying to find that tune in my head, not sure I know it, but it sure is great hearing about your memory of it. You've shown us so much in this short post! As you said to me yesterday, I feel I was there with you watching that 'possum. I have a hard time looking at those little guys, so maybe I should spend 20 minutes talking to one of 'em while he eats Bishop's cat food.

Good idea to leave these beauties for the critters. We have lots of wild grapes around, as well as a few grapevines we're getting ready to harvest for juice/jelly. We have white and purple concords. Maybe I'll try to get some pics. Thanks for the inspiration. I love yours, the DoF is great.

Lorraine said...

Nice photo of the grapes, your narrative of the oppossum was very entertaining.

JoAnn - NL "My digital eyes" :) said...

Hi Carl,
Your grapes are looking MUCH BETTER than ours, we have grapes 'like raisins' I think because of the bad summer.

Bon appetite , :) JoAnn